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How BareGreens  Operates

Premium Seedlings

We source top quality seedlings from a local producer of high quality seedlings.

ZipGrow Vertical Towers

ZipGrow towers were invented in the USA and provide amazing plant density and bacteria growing surface area, ideal for aquaponics.

Fish Tanks with Silver Perch

The fish, bacteria and plants work in a closed loop system, producing healthy plants and healthy fish.

Sell Fresh Produce

We supply local cafes and restaurants with fresh herbs, greens and fish. We also have live sales, where retailers having herbs still growing on ZipGrow towers in their retail premises .

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Question & Answer
What is aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a system that grows plants in a growing medium and the nutrients are provided by fish waste. The fish waste is converted to usable nutrients by bacteria that grows within the system. The combination of fish, bacteria and plants is the aquaponic system.

What is vertical growing?

Classic aquaponics grow the plants in horizontal beds. Here are BareGreens we use a technology called ZipGrow Towers to grow our plant vertically. By growing vertically we can produce far more plants per square meter than classical horizontal growing.

What are ZipGrow Towers?

ZipGrow towers provide the physical growing medium for our plants as well as significant surface area for the beneficial bacteria to grow. The ZipGrow towers are 1500mm tall, 100mm x 100mm square. Inside the tower is the growing media. The water from the fishtanks is pumped to the top of the tower, and the water trickles down providing water and nutrients to the plants. The towers are modular and can be removed from the greenhouse to be harvested, sent to customers or to be replanted.

What can be growing in this system?

Most herbs and greens can be grown in this system.  No root plants can be grown, such as carrots, radishes etc. Most other herbs can, for example, basil, coriander, parsley, chives, 

How can I purchase your produce?

We sell our produce in two ways. Just in time harvest and Live Sales.  Just in time harvest means we will harvest the produce here on our farm, package them and deliver to your business on the same day. You will know that your herbs and greens were only cut on the same day, not a week ago and refrigerated. The second method is what we call LIVE sales. Here we provide a tower of produce at your business, and you harvest straight off the tower, just before you need to use the herb or green. This is the freshest form of harvest, it's just like having your own herb garden in your kitchen.

How do you sell your fish?

As our fish mature, we will start to sell them off to local businesses. We will simply put the fish on ice and deliver to your business. We do no processing of the fish, this is totally up to your business.

Can we view your aquaponic system?

Yes you can contact us and we can take you on a tour of our farm.

We are only too happy to explain how the system works, how we plant and harvest. Please contact us on the email shown on this site and we can organise a visit.